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Welcome to Integra Computing, one of the most time-honored shareware companies in existence. Since 1987, Integra has offered some of the finest scheduling, timekeeping and billing software available. Each program, designed for use on either a single PC or a network, reflects Integra's goal of providing straightforward, robust software. So, if you're looking for an application that gets right down to business, you've come to the right place.

In addition to offering useful and powerful features, these programs differ from many others in several technical ways:

- They run under Windows 10 and 8.1 (as well Win8, Win7, Vista, WinXP and other versions of Windows).
- Though they are full-featured desktop programs, they may optionally be used remotely, even from your PDA or mobile phone over the Internet.
- They do not alter or depend upon the notoriously unstable Windows Registry.
- All their files are located within the same folder set on your server or hard drive.
- Their use on a network does not require Microsoft Exchange Server or any other extraneous software; all you need is Windows.
- They are unusually compact (distribution files are less than 1.5MB), using less disk space and memory. BY THE WAY, IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH THE FILE YOU DOWNLOAD FROM THIS SITE, it is not because the file is faulty; it is because your download has been incomplete. Because of connection problems, some visitors have had to attempt half a dozen downloads before obtaining a complete file. The files are small, so please don't give up.

Please take a few minutes to learn about Integra's programs. Then, download any that seem to address your needs and take them for a spin. And while you're at it, don't overlook the Chronilist Challenge described below.

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Chronilist will handle not only your busy itinerary, but that of everyone in your office. A convenient phonebook and many unique scheduling features make this a no-nonsense, get-down-to-business program. It will prepare calendars and other reports that display one person's upcoming events or those for several people simultaneously. Data can be filtered when a report is generated, so that only events for a particular project (or other criteria) will be displayed. Chronilist will optionally drag events forward from day to day until completed (that way, they'll never be forgotten). Finding free time, establishing recurring events, and checking for scheduling conflicts are a snap. Chronilist will even link related events, so that a change to one will result in the automatic modification of others.

Powerful as Chronilist is on a single computer, it really comes into its own on a network. Anyone at any workstation can schedule events for himself or anyone else. And within seconds, anyone can view anyone else's calendar. This program is useful even when accessed through a wireless Internet connection from either a laptop or handheld computer. In short, Chronilist is an ideal program for the office whose personnel need to know what everyone is doing. Now, here's the Chronilist Challenge: if you can find any program -- at any price from any other publisher -- that has all the scheduling features found in Chronilist and if, in your opinion, that other program is as easy to use, Integra Computing will send you $100 for your investigative efforts.

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BillPower is a fully integrated timekeeping, billing, and bookkeeping system that will produce a wide variety of reports, including income-expense statements, balance sheets and aged receivables reports. The user has wide latitude in designing billing formats that use any font and place transaction data wherever desired. The program will even print mailing labels and form letters to your clients.

This is "real time" software. Everything is updated throughout the system whenever an entry is made anywhere. No old fashioned batch postings or end-of-period close-outs are ever needed. Transaction detail is retained until the user (not the program) decides to omit it. In fact, old bills may even be re-prepared long after other systems would have "flushed" the needed information from the data base. Runs on a single PC or network.

You may have noticed that BillPower has a calendar-like inteface similar to Chronilist's. That's because there is no more intuitive a way to enter and access date-sensitive data, such as work done on behalf of your clients. An added bonus is that if you know one program's interface, you know the other's as well.

Client Tracks
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Client Tracks adds a complete client database to the scheduling power of Chronilist. The result is a thorough client management and calendaring system that will track all your clients and the efforts that you (and other people in your office) make in their behalf. Literally thousands of clients, scheduled events, services, and items of income and expense may all be handled with this program.

This program's client (or project) database is robust. In addition to the expected name, address, phone, and contact information, each client record has eight miscellaneous fields that you may title as you wish and a note field that may be up to 32K in length. And, since the program incorporates Chronilist's characteristics, few programs even approach Client Tracks in scheduling capacity. Features that you'll also find handy include: a stopwatch to time services performed for your clients; income and expense tracking; a "Tabulator" (99-line calculator) to do quick computing; a "Perpetual Memo" pad right on the program's main screen; a customizable "Infobase" module; and much more. Runs on a single PC or a network.

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SignOut is a network-based electronic office sign-out board and message center. At the touch of a few keys, the sign-out board tells anyone in the office where anyone else has gone, how he may be reached, and when he expects to return.

When you're about to leave the office, simply pop into SignOut at your workstation and enter your destination and return time. That's basically it. If you wish, you may also leave a note that explains what you're doing, how you may be reached, or anything else that you think might be important. When someone wants to know where you are, all he has to do is to pop into the program at his workstation and look you up.

The program's message center allows you to leave a message for an office-mate when he is out. A message may also be broadcast to several people or to the whole office. When the absent person returns to his computer, it will be displaying the message(s) left for him while he was gone.

If you're having trouble tracking your office-mates, SignOut can be very helpful.

Integra Office
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Integra Office combines into a single program all the features found in Client Tracks, BillPower, and SignOut. As such, this software is ideal for running a small or medium-sized service-oriented firm.

Complete scheduling, time-tracking and billing are the program's hallmarks. But among the software's strongest attractions is the fact that all these features are offered within a single, seamless environment. If you have Integra Office, you won't need to learn how to use two, three, or four different programs, because Integra Office does so much in its own right. Do you need to enter an appointment for a co-worker? No problem. Would you like someone else to log a service that you have provided for a client? Simple. Do you want to let everybody in the office know where to find you when you leave the office? Or would you like to review a bill that was sent to your client several months ago? With Integra Office, you can do all this and more.

Runs on a single PC or a network.

Listed below are a few of Integra Computing's programs that you might have seen described elsewhere. If you're curious about one of them, please download it for evaluation. After all, you can better determine a program's suitability by actually using it than by simply reading its description.

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Time 'n Bill
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Family Runner
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