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Preparing Bills

The program allows great flexibility in preparing bills, as you can see from the screen shot below. This is the screen that defines which bills are to be prepared and how they are to be run.

To tell the program whom to bill, fill in one or more of the fields in the colored section below. Here, we've filled in the "Project ID" field. If you wanted to bill everybody named "Smith", all you'd have to do is to type that name in the "Name" field. If you fill in none of these fields, the program will assume that you want to bill everybody.

On the right side of the screen, you'll note that we've designated that we want the bills to be sent to the printer. We've also told the program that we want to produce New Bills (bills for items that have not been billed previously), as opposed to Old Bills (the program will allow you to prepare any of the last 10 bills sent to any client) or Pre-Bills (which are intended only for in-office use).

When you have this screen set up the way you want (which will usually involve modifying only one or two fields), you're ready to start actual the billing process. Scroll down for an example of a typical bill.

Bill Setup Screen

The Bill

Here is an excerpt from a typical bill, prepared with the program's default billing format. For brevity's sake, the return address and signature block have been eliminated from this example.

Of course, if you don't like this bill's layout, you may customize your own billing formats, placing any text almost anywhere you wish on the bill. Each project (client) will be associated with the billing format you think is most appropriate for it, the result being that different projects may be billed with different layouts, all during the same billing run.

Bill Excerpt

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