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As with Chronilist, the BillPower main screen allows you to view a month in several ways. The most popular split-screen view is shown immediately below, and a typical client's information screen is displayed further down. To see what's involved in preparing a bill, press here .

On the left side of a split-screen view is a calendar-type representation of the month being viewed, the specific date being highlighted. Each day on this calendar contains a graphic representation of the time logged as having been spent on something (such as a project or client). On the right side is partial detail for each event logged on the highlighted date. Complete Daily Detail would be only a keystroke or mouse click away.

Moving an event from one day to another is simply a matter of dragging it with your mouse. If you wish to edit an event, just point to it and double-click.

By the way, this screen shot shows the combined logged events for everyone in the office. If you prefer to view just one person's (or several people's) log, doing so takes only a few seconds.

BillPower Main Screen

Please also note that the program offers extensive reporting flexibility. Selecting the Printer icon at the top of the screen will take you to a Report setup screen, where you can define exactly what you want to appear on the report.

Project (Client) Information Screen

Below is a typical project's information screen. It displays such permanent information as name, address, and phone number, as well as status information like the Current Balance.

Note that the middle of the screen holds eight "Misc" fields, only the first two of which have titles in this example. Each of the eight may be given any title you wish. There is also a "Notes" button at the bottom of the screen. Pressing it will allow you to enter up to 32KB of free-form text about this project.

The actual work done for this project is maintained elsewhere in the program, but it may be quickly accessed by selecting the "History" menu item at the top of the window.

Project Information Screen
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