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Chronilist's main screen allows you to view a month in several ways, including those available when the program is accessed from a handheld device. The full-screen view may be found at the bottom of this page, but the default split-screen views shown immediately below are considerably more popular..

On the left side of a split-screen view is a calendar of the month being viewed, the specific date being highlighted. Each day on this calendar contains a graphic representation of the time that has been scheduled. If a picture were assigned to one of the events scheduled for that day, it would be visible as well. On the right side is partial detail for each event scheduled on the highlighted date. Complete Daily Detail or Weekly Detail would be only a keystroke or mouse click away.

Moving an event from one day to another is simply a matter of dragging it with your mouse. If you wish to edit an event, just point to it and double-click.

By the way, this screen shot shows the combined schedule for everyone in the office. If you prefer to view just one person's (or several people's) schedule, doing so takes only a few seconds.

Default Month Screen

The flag pictured on the 19th of February indicates a holiday (Presidents Day). A red asterisk means merely that something is scheduled for that day.

The Phonebook at the bottom-left of the screen can instantly display anyone's address and phone number. If you click on a person's name, the information you seek will appear to the right (example). You can even sort through the Phonebook to find those records that contain a common word or phrase.

Please also note that the program offers extensive reporting flexibility. Selecting the Printer icon at the top of the screen will take you to a Report setup screen, where you can define exactly what you want to appear on the report.

Month, with Daily Partitioning

You may have noticed that the default view presented above does not waste space by displaying times for which nothing is planned. That allows you to view more of a busy day's scheduled events without having to scroll up and down. It also allows you to plan something without begin and end times. But if you prefer to see each day partitioned into time blocks like many less flexible programs do, Chronilist will accommodate you, and you may select any partitioning interval you desire. Below is a monthly view with 30-minute intervals.

Please note that for demonstration purposes, this screen shot was taken while the program was set to display Christian, Jewish, and Muslim dates, as well as sunrise and sunset times. Look near the top of the daily detail for the highlighted date (right side of the screen) for this religious/sunset information. Also note the red Star of David on the left side of the screen (3 February). It denotes the fact that that date coincides with a religious event. To find out what it is, all you'd have to do is to highlight that date.

Please also note that this screen shot was taken with the last/next month "small calendar" option turned on. These two calendars (displayed just above the phonebook) allow you to instantly move to any date within the current quarter or to instantly begin an event for any date within that period.

Optional Daily Partitioning

Month, with Detailed Time Allocation

Normally, the right side of the screen shows the events scheduled for the highlighted day. But a single mouse click will instantly replace the event view with one that shows the time set aside for each person on the highlighted date. This view makes it extremely easy to find who is available for scheduling on any given date. By the way, you might note that everybody in the office is blocked off from 4:30 to 5:00. That's because, as indicated by the images above, there's a birthday party to which the whole office is invited.

Optional Time Allocation

Full-Screen View

Most people use the split-screen calendars shown above, but there are still those who feel more comfortable with the full-month display shown below. More detail would be seen on each date if you were to maximize the display, but it still would not come close to offering the potential detail found in the split-screen calendars. That's why the program makes it so easy to switch between this view and any of the others (a single mouse click). And, of course, complete Daily Detail would be only a keystroke or mouse click away, whether you're using this full-screen calendar or one of the split-screen ones.

Full-Screen View
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